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Desfiladero de los Gaitanes

The Natural Park of Los Gaitanes Gorge has a unique natural environment, a place of extraordinary geomorphological interest and one of the most impressive places in the province of Malaga. It is open by the Guadalhorce River in Jurassic limestones and dolomites in the place known as El Chorro forming a canyon three kilometers, heights up to 300 meters and 10 meters narrower widths throat.

Responsible for the opening of this spectacular gorge is the Guadalhorce river, as if it were a knife, has been gradually cutting the stone of the Sierra de Huma. These rocks of different origin and age, have resulted in geological formations in caves and chasms. In total, there have been over 20 cavities of great geological and archaeological importance, like Ardales with important examples of rock art: over 1,000 artistic reasons, in its more than 1600 meters of galleries. Your visit should be arranged.

Its ecological value is considered of high importance. On its walls are developing a special animal and plant life example of adaptation to a vertical system. As a botanical refers, in this place there are endemic and communities as Aleppo pine, pine, oak, eucalyptus and juniper Corsican, with an undergrowth of rock rose, hawthorn, gorse and white steppe.

As for wildlife, it is worth noting the presence of birds of prey such as Bonelli's eagle, peregrine falcons and owls. In the higher areas inhabits the mountain goat, while the lowest, next to water, blackbird fly and swift. In the middle parts of the throat are hawk, kestrel hawk vulgar and other medium sized raptors. At the top nest large raptors such as golden eagles and vultures. Therefore the space has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds.

Other faunal species in this protected area are wild cat, genet, dormouse or mongoose, which can be observed provided valuable from the suspension bridge, called "Caminito del Rey", which runs through the gorge 100 m. high.

Climbing, caving and water sports add to the important cultural localities that provide territory to natural: Antequera, Ardales and Alora.

Price per person: 150 € (4 people), 100 € (6 people)
The price includes:
- Offset from meeting point
- Typical dishes in typical place
- Travel Insurance
- Expert guide

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