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Sierra de las Nieves

Whitish limestone formations rugged Sierras are contrasted with ridged mountains of reddish colors in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, an area located east of the town of Ronda (Malaga).

Mountaineers have in this park date Torrecilla Peak, 1,919 meters, while caving enthusiasts prefer potholes and sinkholes as the LME to 1101 meters deep. Both surface and underground karst formations whimsical world caused by erosion and subsequent precipitation of limestones occur. At lower elevations, the peridotites stain red landscape. This is a much more waterproof than the limestone and a special composition that favors the emergence of interesting species of flora rocks. .

The name of the park reveals the presence of snow at its peaks, formerly held throughout the year. Locals stored in the snowfields and exploiting nights down by mules, distributed by towns and cities.

Another attraction of the mountain forests of firs are surviving inside. This Mediterranean fir is in the cold, damp shady; a botanical relic dating back to the Ice Age of the peninsula. Today only found in the mountains in the Sierra de Grazalema and Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja, with the population of Sierra de las Nieves larger. Some of these trees are around 500 years old, like the Escalereta, declared a Natural Monument. Height descending highlights oaks of the mountains of Istan and Monda or some carob and brown spots in Tolox and Parauta. A fun way to learn all this forest diversity is performing any of the biking routes like Monda-Istan.

The Natural park shelters among mammals to the wild, goat easy to observe in the highest levels. Other species of interest are roe deer and otter, present in its rivers. Among birds abound large prey such as the golden eagle and Bonelli and owls. We also own forest, as the hawk and the hawk.

This area was inhabited by many cultures, but certainly would be Muslims who would mark further the historical heritage of the area. Examples are the castles and walls that exist in Monda, El Burgo, Istan or Tolox. The Arab influence is also present in its cuisine with flour porridge with honey, almond cheese or soup of the seven branches. Another recommended visit in this area is the town of Ronda, famous for its pit and home of the square of the country's oldest bullring.

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