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Torcal de Antequera

El Torcal Natural Park of Antequera contains one of the most impressive examples of karst landscape across Europe and owes its name, sinkholes or torques, some curious formations in circular depressions.

In El Torcal dominated by limestone rocks over 150 million years, formed by very sensitive to erosion marine sediments. The slow but continuous action of rain, snow and wind on this material have shaped this distinctive landscape. Its caves and potholes form an ideal environment for the practice of caving. Some, such as the Toro and Marinaleda I, harbor traces of human presence in the Torcal since prehistoric times.

Two routes invite you to wander through this city of stone. The path of the visitor center Torcal Alto, known as Parkway, is where karst forms are more spectacular. Here, the visitor should get carried along the Alley Dark Alley or Snuff, examples of the multitude of passages caused by the collapse of fractures of the ground. The rocks here are a collection of natural sculptures, some with familiar forms such as Bolt, Natural Monument, the Sombrerillo, the Chalice or Dado, among many others waiting to be defined by the imagination and fantasy of those who ride on.

This means of great beauty and inhospitable appearance also contains a rich and varied vegetation with some unique species. The landscape, oaks, oaks, maples rowan or intermingle with plants adapted to live in the cracks of the rocks. It's called rock vegetation and the Torcal Bajo, is the ideal place to meet.

Its fauna is rich in birds such as vultures and owls, plus mammals such as foxes and weasels. Alongside this area Torcal Bajo, the viewpoint of the windows overlooking the river valley Bells, offering beautiful views of the landscape and the town of Villanueva de la Concepción.

Near the Torcal, the city of Antequera is. When located in the geographical center of Andalusia, a major transfer of cultures has left its mark on it. The walls of the castle and its numerous towers and convents stand out among the popular architecture, Arabic tile roofing and facades of lime. In these convents are made, even today, exquisite traditional sweets such as alfajores, the angelorum, and bienmesabe. Its gastronomy not forget their famous muffins, garlic soup or antequerana club. The great artisan tradition of Antequera in jewelry has given way to other trades in which wicker, esparto, glass, iron and wood is used.

Price per person: 150 € (4 people) 100 € (6 people)
The price includes:
- Offset from meeting point
- Typical dishes in typical place
- Travel Insurance
- Expert guide

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